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Chris Daniels

Central Florida District Manager

Our company is built on the promise of helping people when they need it most. It’s an inspiring mission and one that depends on harnessing the creativity and the energy of more than 10,000 representatives. Colonial Life follows the principles established by our parent company, Unum. We strive to create a workplace culture that attracts the great talent we need to deliver for our customers. We do that by embracing the unique talents of every member of our team and helping them reach their full potential, both at work and in their lives outside of our walls. Our culture is built on a foundation of workplace values and principles called We Are Unum, a roadmap that outlines what our employees bring to work each day and what they get from us in return. It’s also a living document that defines our culture. Diverse backgrounds and perspectives are what spark the creativity and innovation we need to deliver our best. We welcome and value the contributions of all our employees because we know that together we can accomplish more. Our customers represent a cross-section of society and come from different communities, ethnic backgrounds, socioeconomic perspectives, and physical abilities. We believe the best way to meet the needs of our customers and make better decisions is to reflect their diversity. This commitment starts at the top. Our board of directors is a recognized leader in gender diversity, and our CEO and senior leadership team are measured, in part, on diversity and inclusion performance goals. We’ve also developed leadership programs to empower our under-represented populations and improve our understanding of the need through research. Unum earned a 100 percent score on the Human Right Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index as well as its Best Places to Work list. Just as importantly, we’ve harnessed the energy of our employees to realize our vision of an inclusive workplace. Through Employee Resource Groups that represent the full spectrum of what makes us unique, employee volunteers ensure everyone has a place where they're heard and where they can use their talents and interests to create an environment of acceptance.

Chris Daniels is the Central Florida District Manager for Colonial Life (an Unum subsidiary). Chris has a 19-year history of leading and educating insurance teams to protect as many lives and families as possible in their prevention of medical bankruptcy. Since joining Colonial’s leadership team in 2013, Chris has earned dozens of awards for his efforts and, more importantly, the success of the teams he has lead. Mentoring others to recruit and advance diverse and inclusive teams has received national honors to both President’s Council and Leadership Conference award winners.


An avid volunteer and fundraiser, Chris has encouraged all of his business partners to get involved in their communities.


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