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Klayton Fennell, J.D.

Vice President Government Affairs

Klayton  Fennell  is  the Vice  President  of  Government  Affairs  for  Comcast  providing  government affairs  support  and  guidance  to  Comcast’s  market-based government  affairs  teams, and  to  the  headquarter  based  business  and  operations  teams.  In  his  role,  Fennell develops, coordinates, and executes Comcast's local political and regulatory strategy in  over 6,400 communities in 40 states and the District of Columbia.  In addition to his Government  Affairs  duties,  Fennell  serves  as  Comcast’s  key  contact with  LGBT  advocacy  organizations,  serves  on  Comcast’s  Internal  Diversity  Council  and  is  an  Executive  Champion  to  Comcast’s  LGBT  employee  resource  group,  OUT.  Fennell  has  an  extensive  background  in telecommunications, policy  development,  public  affairs,  corporate  communications,  advocacy,  relationship building and community investment.

Prior to his current role, Fennell was Comcast’s Regional Vice President of Government Affairs  in South Florida - responsible for shaping and advancing the company's government, public and  community  relations  strategies  in  the  greater  Miami,  Fort  Lauderdale, Palm Beach and FL Keys  area. Fennell began his career  with Comcast in 2001 as  a Director of Government Affairs for  Comcast  headquarters,  where  among  other  things  he  shepherded  Comcast's  acquisition  of  AT&T Broadband through the local and state regulatory approval processes.

A Florida native, Fennell earned his B.A. in Political Science from Jacksonville University and  a doctor of laws from The Florida State University College of Law. Fennell and his husband, Valentine Vigil-Fennell, split their time between the Philadelphia area  and South Florida.


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