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Jessica Jones

Director of People Development and Administration

The Jacksonville Jaguars are firmly committed to diversity and inclusion.  Among other things, our focus on diversity and inclusion is driven by our business sense: we believe a workforce that is reflective of our customer base will be better able to relate to that customer base. In addition, we believe that a diverse work force brings unique perspectives, backgrounds and talents to the business.  We are committed to creating a culture where all employees are treated with dignity and respect, as we believe that is a proper end in and of itself.

Jessica Jones is the Jaguars Director of People Development and Administration where she oversees HR and administration for the Jacksonville Jaguars, Bold Events, Union Jax and the Jaguars Foundation. Jessica leads HR strategy, and is responsible for development and implementation of all HR programs, including recruiting, diversity and inclusion, talent management, employee engagement, and compensation. Prior to joining the Jaguars, Jessica worked in a variety of roles in employment law, contract management and litigation. Jessica serves on the Board of Directors for the Jacksonville Women’s Leadership Forum, is a member of the Florida CHRO Summit Governing Body, and was named in the Winner’s Circle for Top Corporate Leader Over 35 by in 2017.


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