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Andreas Heinrich, CPCU®


At Prudential, we strongly believe that talent comes in every color, gender, origin, religion, sexual orientation, and physical capability imaginable. For this reason, we actively seek out employees, vendors, and business associates from a deep and diverse pool of accomplished professionals eager to build on Prudential's respected name in the financial services industry. What's more, we strive to make Prudential an employer of choice through initiatives that support, inform, develop, and increase the awareness and sensitivity of our current workforce. Through these efforts, which also extend to our surrounding communities, we honor the power of people.

Andreas has been in financial services for 25 years and began his career with Prudential in 2018. He has held a variety of positions within the company, including Financial Planner, Financial Advisor, Financial Professional. Andreas holds an AAS-Associate of Applied Science from Real Gymnasium Junior College Otto-Hahn Germany and a master's degree in business administration, Management and Operations from the University of Cologne, Germany. In the United States Andreas attended The Institutes to attain the Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU®) Designation.

Andreas specializes in helping business owners uncover unmanaged or undetected risks that may impact the health and perhaps even the survival of their businesses. He can recommend ways to help protect and retain employees and help ensure the continued success of a company through business continuation plans, employee benefits, executive compensation and retirement planning.


"I could not be more honored to represent Prudential, a financial Institution which is one of the most supportive in the LGBTQ Community. For example, Prudential is a “top tier scorer” in the Human Rights Campaign Buyer’s Guide consistently. After all, you can only improve your financial future by knowing where you currently stand. Prudential’s LGBT Financial Experience Surveys and its subsequent LGBT Financial Experience Symposiums are helping our community do both. I am determined to strengthen our LGBTQ community and its allies through financial education and, thus, helping to achieve the financial strength that moves us forward to equality."


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