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Iram Cesani

Director of Digital Marketing

"Diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Two concepts that intertwine and make room for acceptance, progress, and innovation. Organizations are made up of different backgrounds that embody gender, race, orientation, that all work together to create our identities. These identities are physical, emotional, and mental. These identities are the people who make up your entire workforce. To operate efficiently and effectively, we need to embrace feeling equal to one another and more importantly- feel supported. Its one of the most important factors in employee retention."

Iram Cesani is an award-winning professional in digital marketing. From acquisition to advocacy, Iram's appetite for digital marketing demonstrates his refined ability to adapt, execute, and excel in any atmosphere. One of Iram's most desirable traits is seeing projects from design to delivery by looking at the big picture and tactical milestones to fulfill the vision. By building rapport on only two things: business analytics and real-time data, Iram can create an equilibrium between the IQ and the customer's EQ and turn quantitative research into actionable results. Once the results are in, Iram can use his performance-based mindset and strategic thought leadership to the overall business and marketing plan to drive profitability and business growth.


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