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Shawn Fanshier, US LCB

Vice President Americas Region

Brokerage and Freight Forwarding

Out leadership visibility in organizations is one of the most important factors our LGBTQ community needs. It empowers employees to feel safe to be themselves. Being an out executive also shows our customers, our suppliers, and our community that our company supports diversity. I truly believe being an out leader brings a huge return on investment to the bottom line today and to the future of any organization.

Shawn Fanshier is an International VP at UPS. She is responsible for Customs brokerage and Freight forwarding for the Americas region. In this role, Shawn brings her extensive knowledge of over 30 years of experience, to provide executive leadership to over 42 countries and territories, more than 2,500 employees and over $125M in revenue that make up the UPS Americas region Brokerage and Freight forwarding business unit. Shawn started her career at UPS in Kansas, working part-time while going to university and, has rotated through different functions inside the organization, from systems programming to industrial engineering to worldwide business analyst. In her current role, Shawn is a leader who promotes a “teaching and learning environment” that welcomes diverse thoughts and ideas from all team members. Throughout her career at UPS, Shawn has been an advocate for LGBTQ visibility and support within the UPS organization. She strongly believes that diversity, at all levels, translates into innovative thoughts and solutions that bring value to the organization. Shawn is actively involved with both, community and professional organizations across Southeast Florida. She currently volunteers with the Society of Women Engineers, League of Women Voters and Women’s March Broward. Shawn has provided over 20 years of leadership support for the United Way, HRC, and over eight years with Fort Lauderdale PRIDE center. She also is the Chief Solutioneer, for Plane Jane Games. A STEAM-centric board game being developed to help encourage youth to stimulate the use of their imagination in inventing solutions and overcome obstacles. Shawn holds a double Bachelor of Science degree in biology and chemistry from Southwestern College.


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